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Melissa Webster


You See Me A Poem

You see me there on the streets.

Down-trodden, in need of much needed care.

You don’t know how I got there, nor do you care.

As you see, I fought for your freedom in wars past,

When I returned from the latest mission,

My wife was gone, and so were my kids, as well as all the money.

The house was sold, and all I had was the clothes on my back.

Down the dwindling spiral of depression I sank.

I am now alone, looking for […]

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Cathie Stewart Savage

My story of living in poverty is a long one. The factors that I would say contributed to our poverty are: Poor health.
Using the lens of family rather than income in determining supports.  Poor transition between sources of support.
As a child, I was the oldest of 5 and our family was fairly traditional for that time. My mother was a stay at home mom and my dad worked two jobs to keep us going. We did without a lot of things, but […]

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Erma Friesen


My Story by Erma Friesen

Back in 2000 I started my journey into depression. There was an occasion when I found myself in my car with no place to call home but, I had an Aunt, she had always said I could come and see her anytime. So I would go to her in Huntsville […]

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