Awareness of Low-Income Voices (ALIV(e) )

Opportunities Waterloo Region believes that people who experience the effects of poverty should be involved in decisions that may impact their lives. Their experiences and points of view need to be heard. In 2007, Opportunities brought together people with lived experience to explore how we might develop a voice that could represent the citizens of Waterloo Region who live on low-incomes. Here is what developed from those conversations.

ALIV(e) is a collaborative group of individuals dedicated to bringing an active and positive voice to low-income individuals and families struggling with poverty in Waterloo Region.

ALIV(e) supports networking between government, non-profit groups, and low-income communities. One ALIV(e) member is also a HHUG member, and acts as a liaison between these two groups.

If you’d like further information about ALIV(e) and/or you’re a person living on a low-income and would like to consider coming out to a meeting :